REVIEW Guidelines

Book Reviews on this blog are all my own opinion based on many factors that influence my taste. It is a subjective matter and depends on what I expect from a certain genre and whether those expectations are met.

That said, if you would like to find out the thought process behind my review scale or just want to know what do I expect from a good book, please read below.

Fiction 1 to 5

  • No plot; non-relatable, unconvincing characters; poor writing style; had to force myself to finish reading it. Would recommend people NOT to read it.
  • 2 Better then 1, but still wouldn’t recommend it.
  • 3 Not too bad, not too good. Interesting enough to read it but wasn’t very exciting. Cared for the characters but wasn’t rooting for any of them in particularly. Would recommend it to some people, depending on their interests or just as a normal read before sleep.
  • 4 – Enjoyed the plot and the characters. Writing style was pleasant. Would definitely recommend it as a good read. The book seemed to tick all the boxes but something was missing to say it was perfect.
  • 5 – Exciting, interesting plot; relatable, complex characters; effective writing style that enhances the story line; touched me emotionally; was invested in the story; either couldn’t stop reading it was so good or wanted to read it bit by bit just to savour the goodness. Would brag about it to anyone who would listen.

Non-Fiction 1 to 5

  • 1 – Very poor quality. The composition of the book was all messy. Not informative enough for it’s genre. Didn’t tell anything new or wasn’t exactly addressed to the audience it was written for.
  • 2 – Poor. Better then some other books of its kind out there. Lacking in many categories. Manageable to read but not something you could benefit from in any important way.
  • 3 – Good value for money. Not the most outrageous or exciting information. Useful material for the ones wanting to read on that specific topic.
  • 4 – Interesting and useful. Informative and easy to read. Gives plenty of needed information. Some bits and pieces missing but is still a good book for its purpose.
  • 5 – One of the kind. Very informative. Logical flow of ideas. Descriptive when needs to be and short when doesn’t. Provides new information and ideas or expresses the old one in a new better, creative way. Perfect for study material, people wanting to know more about the dedicated topic, ideal coffee table book or lovely as a gift.