IMG_9656Welcome to SEA OF BOOKS!

The place I have created to share my love of reading. I have been swimming in fiction since I was little. There has always been the next big read, the next big book I just had to get. However, with growing up, gaining new experiences and having to think about my future career, I started to lean towards non-fiction titles.

SEA OF BOOKS is a selection of insightful and though-provoking reads that I have discovered through the years and continue to search for.

I am interested in all types of non-fiction but the areas, that I currently seek knowledge in, are graphic design, personal and career development, social media marketing, photography, sociology, and cookery.


If you think there is a book on any of these topics that you believe I should know about, please let me know! You can keep in touch with me via my contact page or my social media accounts.

If you are interested in what type of fiction I read, follow me on Instagram. There you will not only find posts about my non-fiction picks but also the fiction titles I am currently enjoying in my spare time.